Security  Services

Springwell Investments security guard

Whether you need security day in, day out, or if you experience seasonal peaks you are in good hands with Springwell Investments.

Office Security

Springwell Security Officers are committed to their assignment as part of our motto is to provide security to your premises bearing in mind that your company’s values and image need to be uphold all the times. Part of our daily work of our Security officers is to make sure that staff are greeted every morning, and as the first point of contact for visiting executives and VIPs, our flexible Security Officers and their teams will take care of offices, commercial properties and council buildings, patrolling the premises, controlling goods in and out, searching individuals and vehicles, monitoring CCTV cameras and more.

Retail Security

Our Security Officers working in retail establishments have training in customer-care. Where we deal with customers our staff knows where a helping hand is needed promptly. Our uniformed Officers are skilled at dealing with large crowds, letting thousands in during the sales or evacuating entire shopping malls in an emergency. We also deploy covert store detectives, oversee control room operations, manage car parks and provide First Aid.


Warehouse Security

Agile and attentive, our specially trained Security Guards don't fitch when it comes to working in the hostile environments. Quick to respond - many come from the ranks of the Armed Forces - they will work in tandem with CCTV surveillance cameras to scour every corner of your warehouses and distribution centers:

  • They will spot weaknesses in your perimeter fences

Challenge suspicious traffic in and out of your gates

Operate remote gate monitoring systems

Our Mobile Managers even take care of your Health & Safety Issues


Visitor Attractions Security

Permanent or temporary, theme parks and exhibition call for a special mix of security solutions, from the turnstiles to the souvenir shop. Mitigating the risks while making priceless exhibits accessible to the public calls for a delicate balance. Preventing theft or acts of vandalism often sees Springwell Guards
working in places that were not designed to welcome large numbers of visitors such as stately homes. Indoors and outdoors, time and again, our unobtrusive security professionals prove they are just the ticket. 

Event Security

An AGM, a private function at your corporate HQ – there are many events that call for additional security
staff. Because our flexible workforce is ready-vetted and trained, we can respond at short notice, for any which needs security in terms of the crowd attending. Profile is adept at working with the Police at all sorts of venues and events, providing:


·Manned Guarding services


·CCTV cover

·Access control

·Car park management

·Covert surveillance and more

Data Centers

With the explosion of e-commerce, email and the internet touching so many aspects of our private and professional lives, e-commerce and data handling call for specialized security solutions. More and more organizations are protecting valuable sales information, intellectual property, customer records and the like at purpose-built data storage facilities, many of these at secret locations. Profile can put dedicated security services in place to protect these sites where anonymity and confidentiality are the watchwords.

Hospitals & Schools

Springwell Security Services place particular importance on vetting our Security Officers on recruitment, and on training them for everything a specialized environment can find at them. With hospitals free to make their own security arrangements and more schools now enjoying the freedom and autonomy to source theirs, too, we can tailor a solution to meet their needs. Springwell Security offers outstanding value for money as well as with our CRB-checked personnel working with vulnerable members of our society and this is coupled with site-specific security.

Construction Sites

Springwell Security Officers you a piece of mind to Mann your construction sites so that projects are facilitated to be completed with minimum disruption. Out dedicated team work with staff on daily basis to have the best security for your construction sites.

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